Arms control and disarmament, ten years after the Cold War.

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In terms of arms control and disarmament, the balance-sheet of the 1990s has been ample but mitigated with regards to international agreements. As for disarmament « mechanisms, » they have been characterized by growth and deadlock, especially at the last Disarmament Conference. For the future, the most realistic hypothesis is that of the continued pursuit of arms control and disarmament, however, this will no longer be conducted as during the Cold War or in the 1990s. On strategic matters, such as nuclear weapons, space, and defensive systems, multilateralism will withdraw from its strong posture held during the post-Cold War decade. Disarmament will be less prevalent, but may persist despite the resuming arms race. In its place, efforts towards Arms control will dominate again, but wider-reaching diplomacy will replace typical Cold War superpower confrontation. – Summary AFRI-2001