CFSP and CESDP in the European constitution : an evaluation on the basis of the Convention’s project

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The outcomes of the Convention on the future of Europe are not meeting its initial ambition to put foreign, security and defence policy among the priorities for the European Union’s constitutional design. The general philosophy of the provisions regarding CFSP and CESDP remains similar to the previous Treaties. CFSP will become more integrated, on an intergovernmental rather than supranational model and under the large states’ control. The major innovation is the creation of the position of Foreign Affairs Minister whose autonomy still remains uncertain, especially in relation with the President of the European Council. CESDP’s operational capabilities and scope are both extended while coalitions of the willing are institutionalized and a defence core group could emerge. The contrast remains between a slower integration of CFSP and a faster progress of CESDP. – Summary AFRI-2004