Container security. Propositions for a general code of conduct

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About 90 % of the world trade transits in containers. This system is efficient and economical, but it is also vulnerable : terrorism’s advance and the possibility that a container may be used to convey weapons of mass destructions (WMD) or as a vector have made it an urging necessity to reinforce the container transportation security system, all the more that, except for an attack’s direct effects, the economic, social and political consequences of a significant disruption in the transportation chain would be devastating. As a response to terrorist attacks in the last few years, the United States, the European Union, international organisations and the industry have adopted new measures to reinforce maritime trade security, including certain regulations on containers. Yet, beyond those measures’ usefulness, maritime containers remain vulnerable. Thus, this essay recommends devising a general multilateral agreement on the use of containers in international trade, more than multiplying bilateral agreements.

AFRI 2007 Summary

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