Bosnia-Herzegovina : the era of endless speeches ?

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When, at the end of 2009, still no decision had been made on the necessary evolutions of civilian and military international apparatuses in Bosnia-Herzegovina, doubts crept up on stakeholders’ actual motivation and Europe’s ability to help the country progress. This indecisiveness contributes to maintaining the political blockades made possible by the institutional system. Stakeholders have not fully endorsed this system but do make use of it, as if appearances could be all that matters when fundamentals are lacking or seem out of reach. But beyond the discrepancies that remain, the constructive behavior initiated by bordering countries engages Bosnians to refocus on themselves, to face their past and to seek compulsory compromises. The persistent blockades of recent years clearly indicate that the country is in a deadlock and that the next step, as vague as it is, is about to take shape. The time when the « king is naked » may not be too far away, making for a less enthusiastic but deeper rhetoric.