Beyond the European common security policy : structural foreign policy of the EU

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Contrary to recent studies, it is suggested here that the essentials of the European Union’s foreign policy are not situated in the European Common Security Policy (ECSP) comprised by the 2nd pillar of the EU, but take shape more in the form of structural foreign policy put into action by various policies of the 1st pillar. More specifically, the strategies and partnership that were developed across various regions of the world, and put together with the help of community instruments, are at the base of this structural foreign policy. Though it may be discrete and little developed by the media, this type of policy seems to be more effective in the long term than the traditional diplomatic strategies, where the main actions are made jointly and directed by the ECSP. More over, it can also be linked to recent conceptualizations in scientific literature relative to the study of foreign policy. – Summary AFRI-2001