Food security at the beginning of the 21st Century

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Food security is an utmost requirement for 21st century population ; it is essential that all states and the International community should guarantee it. The ongoing and extensive world urbanization requires that water and food are being provided to the Human Community, these being an essential need. Food security is the source of scientific and technological research in order to give sufficient quality and quantity in terms of water and food. This quest makes agrochemical companies wealthier everyday but, on the other side, triggers health and food dependence for human beings. Food security is at the origin of the progressive raise of the Precaution Principle, leading then to assess the risks and threats which weigh on physical-biological human life, especially in the EEC. Therefore, the European Parliament and European Commission can lead the European construction towards a peaceful, organized and controlled satisfaction for food needs. The right to healthy and secured food should be raised to the rank of priority for Human Rights. – Summary AFRI-2002