Settling the conflict between Western Sahara and UNO. For which « Third Way » ?

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In April 1991, a UNO report on the situation in Western Sahara advocated that the population of this former Spanish colony claimed by Morocco and the Polisario Front may exercise its right to self-determination ; to this end, it planned that a Mission of the United Nations watch over the application of the cease-fire and proceed to the organization of a referendum in the region. Yet, ten years later, the conflict is going on, no solution has been found and it seems almost certain that the dispositions of the Settling Plan will not be applied ; it has to be mentioned that this plan does not take into account the reality of the Sahrawi conflict. In these conditions, only a solution taking into account the Sahrawi’s aspirations and favoring the settling of disputes between Morocco and Algeria seems viable. – Summary AFRI-2002