Darfur : how are African crises managed?

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The humanitarian consequences of the Darfur crisis have been high on the agenda of the media since the beginning of 2004. This crisis has also led to a diplomatic and military intervention of several international actors, through a complex and new observation and mediation mechanism. The African Union Mission in the Sudan (AMIS II), currently being reinforced, was rapidly deployed with the financial, logistics and political support of the European Union and of the United States. The Arab League and the UN have backed this operation aimed at deterring acts of violence against populations. Even if these acts of violence have decreased these last months, the parties to the conflict are taking a tougher stand and the AU has difficulties in reinforcing AMIS. This could lead to a new stalemate while the negotiations are also at a standstill. Without a real support by the partners like EU, US…, AU mission could be a failure, which would affect both the credibility of African conflict management capacity and the EU-UA relationship in this field. – Summary AFRI-2005