The anti-globalization protest movement

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Far from being unified and homogenous, the anti-globalization protest movement includes different types of organizations, whose propositions and means of action are often divergent, and sometimes contradictory. It is possible to discern a protest of a political order, mostly present in Southern countries, and a protest originating mostly from industrialized countries, which is essentially animated by organizations belonging to civil society. The themes in protest dialectics range from the denunciation, in the name of « ethical » values, of the unfair and undemocratic character of the current globalization process, and of the policy led by the organizations supposed to symbolize it, to summoning the principal actors of the economic system to adopt and apply social, environmental and democratic norms. They also advocate a transformation of the economic system, its philosophy, its institutions and is actors, or rejecting the economic system as a whole (market economy, the principle of economic growth, consumer society, brand monopoly, private property…). The success of the protest movement cannot be denied, yet its future evolution remains difficult to conceive, especially since the events on September 11th. – Summary AFRI-2002