About the international influence of French laws

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At the eve of this third millennium, France is no longer the long-recognised leading figure it used to be in juridical matters. Legal models compete strongly nowadays, in particular within regional and international organisations, at the latter’s initiative. Rules in penal proceedings are concerned as well as private international law and all new subjects in technologies and intellectual property law. In this competition between « legal importers » and « legal exporters », French law must face many strong competitors ; a strategy including clear and classified objectives must appear to promote and defend it. This mission belongs, firstly, to the State. But the large community of actors in the law must also be attentive to the necessary excellence of the latter, as well as be united and offensive in the promotion of the French juridical model. In the years to come the internationalisation of law demands that France be « one thinking ahead » in juridical matters. –Summary AFRI-2003