Le groupe France-Antilles

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France-Antilles – the second branch of the press group founded by Robert Hersant, was originally the name of a daily paper, launched in 1964 in Martinique and then in Guadeloupe with the support of Michel Debré’s government. In overseas territories, for the group also owns many papers in France itself, France-Antilles is today made up of 7 daily papers in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Reunion Island, Polynesia and New Caledonia. Most of these papers are in a monopoly situation in their market. Launched in the 60s to reaffirm France’s presence in its overseas dominions and territories (DOM-TOM) at a time when the colonies were declaring their independence, the papers have gradually adjusted their political line and opened their editorial columns to more purely regional interests. Nowadays their editors-in-chief find themselves in charge of a « geopolitical editorial line » which makes these local newspapers, in spite of their limits and the tensions in these overseas territories, influential actors on the international political scene. They also reflect a model of intercultural cohabitation where one may observe North/South relationships, which escape the roughness of globalization. – Summary AFRI-2004