Medias in the doldrums during the Haiti crisis

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This article examines the representations given by the press of the events which shook Haiti before President Aristide’s departure from the island. It observes how the Caribbean medias, if they don’t only work with the dispatches of international agencies, could approach them. This work is based on a corpus of articles published between December 5, 2003 and March 13, 2004. After having evoked some data relating to Haiti, it describes the methods of work of the foreign journalists in Haiti during the disorders. Then the sequence of the events such as it appears with the reading of these Caribbean medias is reconstituted with the inherent interrogations about the media cover of the conflict situations. In counterpoint of the Caribbean medias, some French newspapers were consulted, making possible to measure the distance between the perceptions of the events according to the place of construction of media information. By crossing the international medias of information and the local media – which often worked in Creole and with the cellular phone – another vision of these events may appear. – Summary AFRI-2005