The end of the United Nations ?

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The United Nations (UN) were born from a weird union between empire and law. After the League of Nations’ failure, the USA created the UN to extend their democratic principles to the international area. Here lies the UN’s hidden problem. The UN has succeeded in being one of the great promoters of world democracy. To-day the UN is an almost universal forum which; incrementally, and with many mistakes and setbacks, has disciplined state sovereignty, by slowly building up what can be called the legal state. Yet the UN stumbles against the core of its mission: peace-keeping, or , world police. The UN should be the world policeman; it is not and will not be, as it can only be one of the wheels of peace management, this management having to combine democratic, oligarchic and imperial dimensions. Despite its shortcomings, the UN will not disappear as long as the international system will include more or less peaceful states, which, to a certain extent, can be qualified as « rational » and « sensible ». – Summary AFRI-2004