The transatlantic strategic fight

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The United States do not have a military adversary the size of the USSR anymore, but they are discovering a competitor with the political emergence of Europe. The confrontation is systemic. It has a specific importance concerning the systems of production of armament: between the American and European systems, a « new arms race » is incoming, whose stake is to control the markets of the friendly countries and allies on the one hand and the markets of the emergent countries on the other hand. In the years 1999-2001, Europe succeeded to build up three great groups EADS, BAE Systems and Thales, which avoided passing under American control. Afterwards, the competition used new forms: oblique competition on the markets, skirting industrial to get a foothold in the European sectors that were not protected enough (terrestrial and naval armament, motor mechanics), initiatives of dissociation to weaken European cohesion. Confronted with the power of the solitary empire, it is the strategic autonomy of Europe which is concerned. – Summary AFRI-2004