India, China: what are the balancing forces in Asia?

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Since the end of the 1990, both China and India have boosted their regional policy. Peking wishes to contribute to regional stability, as proved by its help to the most fragile economies and its choice not to devaluate its currency. Delhi places its hopes on negotiations within the framework of ASEAN on the one hand and on a bilateral level on the other hand to create free trade areas with Japan, South Korea, China and Singapore. India and China have sealed a strategic and cooperation partnership in 2005 and are dedicated to the ASEAN + 3 (APT) process, while attempting to revive negotiations on their border dispute. Yet, the APT suffers from the fight for influence between China and Japan and between China and India. The American strategy, faced with those two growing powers, is changing: multilateral cooperation is favored against bilateral partnership, and the United States gamble that, by fostering a partnership with China, the latter will become a responsible international actor.

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