Industrial hegemony and sustained development. Scandinavian complicities

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The dramatic development of exportations in the field of wood-paper, in Sweden as well as in Finland, has been coinciding since 1990 with the recognition of forests as ecological resources of world importance. It is Scandinavian actors who piloted the institution of « sustained forest management » in Europe, while their fellow countrymen modernized their production tools to supply the reliable markets of Western Europe. This success, both ecological and industrial, hides one « fact of complicity », which has been obvious for some years : the exploitation, often uncontrolled and left out of statistics, of the very nearby forests situated in the former Soviet Union. In spite of a recent ecological posting marked by reversals of alliance between big industrial groups and militant NGOs (WWF and Greenpeace in particular), the contradiction is well-established enough to question the « ecologically correct » authority of Scandinavian lobbies.

AFRI 2007 Summary

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