Ouagadougou’s political Agreement. Towards a perennial crisis outcome in the Côte d’Ivoire?

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Ouagadougou’s political agreement, which emerged from the impasse of previous frameworks, signals an important event for the Ivory Coast, which has dwelled in a crisis situation since the aborted attempt at a coup in September 2002. Indeed, after the many unsuccessful attempts at solving the conflict led by the United Nations, African and Third-party States regional organizations, this agreement has allowed reviving the political process of crisis outcome. Even though it has been facilitated by the Burkinabe President and the United Nations, it is the first endogenous agreement between Ivorians. In this quality, its chances of success seem more important than those of previous agreements, as proved by the considerable progress accomplished since. Yet, there remain many obstacles to the peace process. In order to understand this stalemate and to draft reviving solutions, one must go back to the sources of the Ivorian political equation.

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