Those damn caricatures. Media ideologisation of a persistent inimicus

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The Danish cartoon crisis has upset the media world. To a certain extent, it merely illustrates another side of the « clash of civilizations » that seems to dominate the world since 9/11. Eastern propagandists made a predominantly Danish issue into a new battlefront between East and West. The underlying interrogation is whether God can withstand caricatures. The world also witnessed a « reverse Huntington logic » : methods applied to the East since 1991 have been applied to the West. The result was a political manipulation, enabled by the leveling of the Muslim media. However, this Danish crisis only reflects the one that the Western world is going through. Mix-up between categories is to be expected, between defending freedom of expression and Islam phobia. In terms of a broader picture, this crisis can be seen as a telltale sign of the fear that East and West might experience a severe break.

AFRI 2007 Summary

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