Travels around France’s demotion

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Out of France and especially in Africa, do people perceive France as a declining country ? Does not this idea of decline grow out of French defeatism and masochism ? And how can a positive image be re-established ? In spite of Bush’s administration politics, of French opposition to the war in Iraq and of president Chirac’s initiatives, one can observe a kind of Americanization of the minds, as well as China’s progression. But this attraction towards America also has a French cause : France and French people, who used to be role-models, practice self denegation, defeatism, and shut themselves in their own thoughts. Today, tagging along is very French. How can France regain a positive image ? France needs to overcome its guilt, to reaffirm and defend its action, to join in the battle of ideas again, to preserve its cultural network and to restructure its Universities.

AFRI 2007 Summary