The triangular relationship between China, India and the United States since the end of the Cold War

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Since the end of the Cold War, the rise of China, followed by the emergence of India, are among the factors leading to the changing structure of power in Asia, where the United States also play a prominent role. On the one hand, this dual emergence has influenced the bilateral relationships between China, the United States, and India ; on the other hand, it has influenced their relationships on a triangular basis. This triangular relationship was weak at the beginning of the 1990s, but since then it has largely strengthened, to the extent that today the relationship between any two of these States affects more and more the relationship of the third with the two others. But moreover, changes in the foreign and defence policies of one of these States greatly affect the relationship between the two others. Consequently, the development of the triangular relationship between China, India, and the United States has become one of the major factors affecting the balance of power in Asia.

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