Does the Weimar Triangle still have a reason to be in Europe being unified ?

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The Weimar Triangle was conceived as a forum for consultations of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of France, Poland and Germany on the future of Europe after the Cold War. In the preliminary declaration, the Ministers stated : « Poles, Germans and Frenchmen are responsible for determining the structures of neighborhood relations in Europe which will prove successful in the future ». Poland perceived the Weimar Triangle as a valid framework for the realization of its strategic objectives. The main weakness of the Weimar Triangle is the three partners’ different degree of commitment within this form of mutual cooperation. The European Union with its 27 member States needs a stronger « engine » and Poland is a natural Central European partner for France and Germany. The time has come for the Weimar Triangle to confirm its usefulness in the European Union. The Weimar cooperation needs new stimulus and initiatives. A new Weimar declaration would be the common response of the three member states to challenges that they must face at the beginning of the XXIst century.