The evolution of the diplomatic profession

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The diplomatic profession cannot be limited to social activities, neither to a pure exercise of bilateral representation. This job develops itself today in a multipolar environment where negotiation takes a prominent part. Diplomacy is faced with two challenges: it is more and more often elaborated in a multilateral framework and deals with so-called transversal topics like the environment, energy, the struggle against terrorism or pandemics. In the troubled international context that we know, it is even more important than before to understand and to analyse the international changes, to assess the concerns of non-State actors, to communicate well, and to elaborate a « public diplomacy » for that purpose. The diplomat is expected more than before to go on the field and to take chances, because globalisation implies a dialogue which goes beyond the interstate framework. The transformations of the diplomat’s job do not alter the core elements of service to the State and dialogue between nations and cultures.