What institutional future for the European Union ?

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As the French presidency of the European Union reaches an end, and as its attempt to re-launch the Lisbon Treaty ratification process has been interrupted by the negative results of the referendum in Ireland on June 1st, one should sketch the potential institutional figures of this European Union to be, at three different moments in time : 1) the European Union in 2009, as the incoming months should inform us on the Lisbon Treaty’s chances of ratification in all 27 States and of its enforcement in the near future ; 2) the European Union in 2014, an important date since it will mark a turning point in the Union’s and major member States’ political schedule (new parliamentary election, new estimates period) ; 3) the European Union after 2030 : forecasting may be a perilous trick, but it can contribute to sketch Europe’s potential futures, by taking several scenarios into account.