Security globalization : hope or illusion

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Is it possible to speak of a security globalization ? We are forced to consider that security now belongs to a new world order, where the territorial integrity of a State is a generally constructed and established norm, which provokes a pacification in inter-State relations, accompanied by a globalization of inter-State security. Nevertheless, State sovereignty is still being questioned, but through the principle of humanity now, the core of the development of new norms and new intervention mechanisms. Yet, this hope of a global and humanized security engendered by this new juridical world order, built around a planetary consciousness and public space, proves to be limited. That belief in peace being implanted by the spreading of democracy and trade is now being debunked by the recent events, that show that what is becoming global are the new risks, transnational terrorism for instance. Therefore, a security globalization is indeed being drafted ; but, far from resting on the definition of a common possession transcending the State dimension, it rather leans on the convergence and clustering of State interests around common risks. – Summary AFRI-2002