September 11th 2001, or terrorism between the 20th and the 21st century

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In general, terrorist actions do not appear sui generis ; most of the time, they are built on former attacks. Therefore the attacks on September 11th are not a first, but because of the large number of victims they have made. This was precisely the aim of Al Qaida, an informal club, like other Islamist groupings, organized as autonomous satellites gravitating one around the other : to result in human losses, especially American ones, rather than provoke material damage. These suicide-actions presuppose that the militants are strongly impregnated with the doctrine and mentally controlled, with a view to increase their operational success. Their origins are multiple : bestowing legitimacy on the reigning Saudi family by a sectary interpretation of Islam ; Wahhabism ; the war in Afghanistan and the Saudi and American supports to Muslim fighters against Soviet troops ; Islam as a source of mobilization « by », then « against » States. – Summary AFRI-2002