Permanent tensing : thinking about Francophobia in Washington

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There is a Francophobic attitude in Washington, as there is an anti-American tradition in France. This attitude is conducive to an open ambivalence about French intentions, especially with regard to a European construction that successive American administrations have encouraged over the years as an essential component of a Euro-Atlantic edifice that would be united, strong, and stable. This attitude also often leads the United States to reduce transatlantic differences to their sole Franco- American dimension that embitters relations between the two countries without improving relations between American and Europe. We must overcome these tendencies. In the context of the new security normalcy uncovered by the tragic events of September 11th, we must complete the community of interests, built after 1945 and during the Cold War, into a community of action that will protect a system of values that we share even when they are articulated differently. –Summary AFRI-2003