The occupation of Iraq

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Despite « the end of major operations » announced on May 1st, 2003, by the US president, the occupation forces in Iraq have to face numerous difficulties, and a resistance that is attempting to organise itself. To reduce or beat these difficulties, the United States and Great Britain must make the Security Council adopt resolutions which, as they hope, would give the occupation a licit cover, palliating the absence of an authorisation to use force. Nevertheless, achieving the announced goals, especially the construction of a democratic political system, is uncertain in the situation of military occupation this society is undergoing, torn by wars, dictatorship, and submitted to gas greed gambles. Violations of the humanitarian international law (the Geneva Convention in 1949 and the additional Protocol in 1977) by the conflict parties reveal the dynamic that seems to have been induced by the military intervention and the occupation, it being understood that, on the side of the Iraqi resistance, the situation and their projects are barely clarified. – Summary AFRI-2004