The UN Security Council and the campaign against terrorism

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The evolution of the terrorist threat – from the development of Al Qaïda to the risk of binding ties with certain rogue States – requires coordinated action by the international community. In this collective fight, the UN Security Council has a fundamental role to play. For the past 15 years, the United Nations have made of the fight against terrorism one of their major preoccupations. From the policy of economic sanctions, used during the 1990s, to resolutions 1368 and 1373, passed after September 11th, the Security Council’s action has clearly intensified. Yet, it is currently faced with certain difficulties : disagreement among States on the concrete nature of threats, the lack of criteria to assess compliance with resolutions, a still perfectible coordination of means… The United States, and the European States, can still decide on the efficiency of the Security Council’s action. They definitely have an interest in relying on this efficient and legitimate institution in the fight against terrorism. – Summary AFRI-2005