France and Central Europe

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France maintains friendly relations and cooperation with the countries of Central Europe. During the years 1989-2004, these relations were dominated by the problems of the Eastern enlargement of the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance. France, more slowly than its allies, wanted to attain this end. It underlined the necessity of deepening the institutional system of the European Union and of transforming the Atlantic Alliance, but also of not humiliating Russia. Not only the political elites but also the majority of the whole society in France were against a quick enlargement of both structures to the East. Nowadays France cooperates with ten countries of Central Europe in the framework of the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance and also of its own bilateral relations. First of all the economic relations with these countries are developing dynamically. Ten countries of Central Europe expect from France and its new president Nicolas Sarkozy more of the comprehension of their interests in the both structures and also in their relations with the United States and Russia.