Military planning law for the years 2009-2014

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The military planning law for 2009-2014 was adopted on July 29th, 2009. It draws widely from the 2008 White Paper’s perspectives in the aspects of defense and national security. This law was studied quite late – seven months after its initial submission – then it was applied even before it was ratified. Its particularity is that it is conceived for six years only, with a possible revision four years after its ratification. This law plans funding 184,4 billions Euros, cutting back 54,000 jobs in defense employment, reorganizing the defense department by adjusting the executive power (presidency of the republic and ministries) and measures contributing to reorganization. The planning law also helped redefine the five strategic functions : knowledge and anticipation, deterrence, prevention, population and territory protection, intervention. It allowed reducing arms capacity in every field, compared to the 2015 army model’s ambition.