Towards the emergence of a strategic culture in the Middle-East. Exporting the Hezbollahi mode of operation in other regional theatres of operation

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The Lebanon conflict in summer 2006 demonstrated the end of Hezbolla’s « transformation » process into a true organised and structured military force, following the Soviet model of technico-military revolution. This « Hezbollahi techno-military counter-revolution » that is a counter-image of the Israeli revolution in military affairs has proved infra-State actors’ capacity to momentarily question the military and technological supremacy of Western conventional armed forces. The war in July-August 2006 suggests new grids for analysis on asymetrical threats and seems to have created a « precedent » that may inspire other armed groups within the region. This new mode of operation, that tends to be exported to other theatres of operation within the region, reflects more widely the emergence of a new strategic culture of nationalist-islamic inspiration in an evolving Middle-East.