Pakistanese military operations against Islamic activists

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Taliban-led islamic insurrections in tribal zones and in the valley of Swat are not always quenched. As a military solution seems more than uncertain, there is a strong temptation to dialogue with the insurrects. The corresponding attempts that have been made have all failed. Pakistan’s economic difficulties, unhelped by China and Arab countries, the necessity to keep up the fight against Baluchi nationalists, and souring relations with India will all hinder the fight against Islamic extremists, which may put this to profit in order to make their dream come true: have the country be run by the Charia. The Talibans would then be endowed with the nuclear weapon. The Pakistanese army would then remain a solid counterweight to extremism if it remains united, but it has been gangrenated itself. Pakistan’s demise would be accelerated by Taliban success in Afghanistan. The likely hypothesis of a union between Pakistanese tribal zones and the North-West border region of Afghanistan would lead to the creation of a greater Afghanistan that may be ruled by the Talibans. Such an evolution would represent a major failure for NATO and may lead to question its existence.