The Charter of collective security of the OCSE

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During the Istanbul Conference held in November 1999, the OCSE adopted a new and important document : a European Security Charter. Aware that crises are a continuum from their prevention and management to reconstruction, the Organisation deals in fifty-two paragraphs with its challenges, missions and projects for the beginning of the twenty-first century for the European continent. Stating the new risks and challenges concerning security, the Istanbul Charter establishes a codification of OCSE gains by re-equilibrating its objectives between the three dimensions : politico-military, economic and human. Moreover, the OSCE, in the particular strategic environment of the aftermath of the Cold War, tries to regain its place, stabilise its role and justify its existence with respect to other organisations or existing institutions. The adoption of the Platform – the operational document attached to the Charter – defines the role of the OSCE in terms of co-operative security and proposes to organise co-operation between all concerned organisations and institutions. –Summary AFRI-2003