Thinking security in a fluid world

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The shock provoked by the events on September 11th, 2001, does not create a new world, but suggests new frames of interpretation. The world of conflicts is moving increasingly farther from the one we have learnt to deal with for the past two centuries : hence our interrogations on our own security strategies, defined for vanished hypotheses. American power dominates the world, but it is unsure whether it would or could rule it. Multi-lateralism is in a state of crisis when it certainly never was so necessary, because of power unbalance. Europe does not seem to follow the direction which would allow it to reduce the United States’ monopoly. In a split world, where asymetric angles of passing aside military powers will expand and become more efficient thanks to technology, defence options must be adapted, yet to hypotheses that remain largely unknown. The process of adjusting our logical strategies and security devices will obviously be long. –Summary AFRI-2003