The sovereigntist vision

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The construction of a large-scale State which is at once geographic, demographic and economic is at the heart of the European political project. The underlying hypothesis, considered as fact by the federalists, is that a very large country is always more efficient economically, militarily and politically than one of much smaller size. Nevertheless, for several decades, we have observed a general shrinking in the average size of all centrally managed organizations, in the private as well as the public sectors. Economics show that there exists an optimal dimension for the operation of organizations, which is a function of technological conditions, such as information and communication, and that this optimal dimension varies in time. The supremacy of giant organizations found its end during the nineteen-seventies, and hence the construction of a large-scale European State is, by consequence, obsolete and unsuited for the new conditions of the early 21st Century. – Summary AFRI-2001