Both Europes within the European Union : cohabitation or coexistence

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The European Union with its 25 Member States constitutes already an unprecedented success and a guarantee for a victorious future perspective. This fact, however, is leading also a considerable complexity of problems, as well as tensions and troubles in the big European family. A serious reason for these problems is the presence in the EU of at least two different socio-political, economic and cultural realities – the one of the Western Europe and the other of Central and Eastern Europe. Without underestimating the general orientation and the main goal, i.e. European unity through integration in the name of security and wellbeing of the European peoples and member countries, the EU is bound to solve the problems arisen with the successive enlargements and the need for harmonization, homogenization and equalizing of the political and economic development, and consequently of the living standards of the peoples of the two Europe. – Summary AFRI-2005