The Artemis prototype of multinational organization and the diversification of European military action

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The Artemis operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo binds two international organizations together (the United Nations Organization, the European Union), as well as one of the member States (France), as a pillar of multinational action. Because of this, it is an unseen triptych. The success of this three-head hydra resides in a strict separation of tasks between the three actors : while the United Nations took care of asking for and giving capacity to the Artemis operation, the supervision and the labelling of the operation took place on the European level. Mobilisation and leading the operation were accomplished by France, the nation who frames the operation. Thus, this operation constitutes a deeply original institutional organization. Its specificity makes it relevant to ask oneself about its value as an example : is it an ephemeral combination or the reverse, a model for the future? Considering the Artemis operation was born out of a specific context, it seems that it may serve as a model for the future, but only for an emergency mission, with a short deadline and a robust mandate. – Summary AFRI-2005