Variations on the European construction

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The European Constitution marks a new step in European construction; this summons a reflection on the latter, especially on the time of its beginnings. To yield on the past allows highlighting a certain number of permanent features in the European construction process : a tendency to confuse ideas, between the European project and intern policy issues, as well as the existence of a deleterious political climate, have not managed to prevent a true political project to come to light. This retrospective also brings to light a capital teaching : any further political integration can only come to life if a supreme arbiter has the ability to settle the inevitable controversy that will derive from it. Taking into account the balance of power (competition of strength between great powers and respecting the balances between the smaller and the greater States), as well as the duty to preserve the memory of Europe, add up to this. Nevertheless, history has demonstrated that the European construction is a long-term work; therefore this process will necessarily take time. – Summary AFRI-2005